Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Every one of us received some form of coaching in school or at university, whether for athletics, rugby, tennis, piano or chess. Later on, as adults, we’ve received training or coaching in things like marketing, software or communication skills. In every instance a high premium was placed on coaching for the sake of better results for the entity we’ve worked for.

But very often people overlook another form of coaching – the coaching of oneself as an individual. In our opinion, this requires much more focus in life. On a regular basis, we all have good advice for others, but very often lack answers when it comes to our own lives.

This is where Life Coaching is of utmost importance. To know and understand yourself better can have a massive impact on your future; even for the future of your school, your business or the company you work for.

You have a certain temperament and personality.

Every human being have certain gifts and talents – some you are born with and others learned, but they are there!

On the one hand, you have certain strength’s, and on the other hand, also specific weak points. If you don’t know what these are – or only have a vague idea – you are missing out on greater productivity and success in what you do every day…you miss out on the opportunity to make a more meaningful impact.

Let us help you to know and understand yourself better!

  • Tall Trees Leadership profiling (TTLP)
  • Strength Finder Executive coaching (CSF)