Blended Family

Blended Family

We all know the phrase “life happens”. This can include the death of a spouse which brings about feelings of great loss, sadness and loneliness. Often, after some time has passed, the person left behind start to move on…getting into new relationships or even remarry. This can be wonderful, but also unnerving in many unexpected ways.

Another form of loss can come through divorce. Like in all parts of the world, the divorce rate in South Africa is also rising year after year. After some time, this kind of brokenness can also turn into a new chapter of happiness.

After tragedy, people often remarry for a second, or even a third or fourth time…creating all kinds of difficulties. Where there are children involved, it multiplies the issues for everyone involved.

As someone who has experienced his own tragedy and loss, Manie remarried in October 2019. After this he felt a call from God to invest in the lives of other people with a similar life journey. Together with his team, other ministry partners and couples that have been down this road of life as well, he is dedicated to ongoing research, dialogues, writing for and equipping of people in need of help around instant family living.

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